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All Aboard the Chocolate Tasting Train!

Scrumptious Chocolate Samplings from French Lick Scenic Railway Excursion

For Valentine’s Day, my hubby and I went downtown to the French Lick Scenic Railway for a ride on the Chocolate Tasting Train…and wow! We were so pleased with the whole experience and I wanted to share some insider info with those who are interested in going!

Despite the chilly night, we were greeted by a warm rush of air and friendly faces as we boarded one of the recently renovated dining cars. As we were escorted to our seats, we took in the scene… the train was FULL of couples who were chatting away and excited for the excursion. We were seated across from a lovely couple from Petersburg and they were so sweet. Conversation was easy and before we knew it, the train was taking off!

White Chocolate Sampling

White chocolate was first on the menu and (un)fortunately for us, we found out a few months beforehand that we LOVE it! Everyone was bubbling over with excitement as the attendants brought out the trays of the first drinks, desserts, and chocolate bars. Before taking a sip, we were instructed to unwrap our white chocolate bar and break off a small piece...we were learning how to properly taste the chocolate, and we were then instructed to let it melt in our mouths. After the chocolate melted, it was time to try the first cocktail of the night.

The first drink, Snow on the Rail, was delicious! If you like vanilla vodka, this drink will be your new favorite! Just imagine smooth white chocolate liqueur paired with vanilla vodka, served chilled and combined with coconut milk…mmm! The dessert was even better, a White Chocolate Mousse. By letting the chunk of white chocolate melt in our mouths first, we were able to really appreciate the silky-smoothness it gave the drink and dessert.

Milk Chocolate Samples

The second drink was called The Cowcatcher…clever, right? This time we were trying milk chocolate goodies, which we were excited about since we love all things milk chocolate. Once again, we were served our beverage, the dessert, and chocolate bars. Everyone was instructed to open their bars, break off a piece of the milk chocolate, and let it melt in our mouths again. Then, it was time for a drink!

I loved The Cowcatcher! It was nice and smooth, the perfect mix of milk chocolate liqueur and vodka. This drink was paired with Chocolate Truffles and they did not disappoint! The truffles were coated in milk chocolate, but soft and fluffy on the inside. This combination was hands-down my favorite, but I still managed to save a truffle for a midnight snack!

milk chocolate liqueur and vodka

As we were finishing up the second set, the train switched gears and we were on our way back to the depot. Servers were bustling around, cleaning up and chatting with guests. It was almost time for the third and final round of delicious chocolate goodies!

Now it was time for the dark chocolate! Again, we broke off a piece of the chocolate bar and let it melt before we took a sip of our drinks. The final pairing was Railroad Coffee and Decadent Dark Chocolate Cupcakes. Now, I do not consider myself a big dark chocolate fan, but I really enjoyed this cocktail and dessert! The drink was rich with flavor and reminded me of iced coffee which I love! I had never tried Kailua, but now I want to try other types of drinks that have it.  The cupcake was rich too, but not overwhelming so, and they were more than generous with the icing (so if you love icing like me, you will be pleased!).

The attendants were so kind and friendly, always there to answer a question and chat with us. If you are thinking of booking an excursion with French Lick Scenic Railway, you cannot go wrong with their Chocolate Tasting Train! Experience fine chocolates, spectacularly crafted cocktails, and lush desserts.

If you’d like to buy tickets for the next trip, visit the French Lick Scenic Railway here!

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