Eclipse 2024

Join us for an extraordinary event in April 2024. Take in the fascinating astronomical event where the moon passes between the Earth and the sun. French Lick West Baden is in the path of complete totality.



We are excited to be one of the lucky areas to be in the path of complete totality for the April 8, 2024 event!  We are a prime viewing location with lodging to meet all budgets, local attractions hosting Eclipse parties and much more.


Pick Yours Up at the Visitor Center

  • Approved eclipse viewing glasses are available for FREE
  • Pick yours up at the Visitor Center
  • Give us a call at 812-936-3418 to verify hours of operation
  • Limited supplies, get your today

Plan Ahead - Eclipse Preparation Tips

Food & Water Supplies

Stocking up on snacks and water for your eclipse road trip is essential, as it can come in handy if you find yourself stuck on the side of the road or in traffic. Given the potential limited availability of supplies at stores during high traffic periods, it's wise to purchase these items ahead of time and ensure you have enough to last throughout your journey. Packing snacks and water ensures you stay nourished, hydrated, and comfortable during unexpected delays, making your eclipse road trip a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

Have a Full Tank of Gas

It is essential to keep your gas tank full when traveling for the solar eclipse, regardless of whether you are heading to the path of totality or staying nearby. Make sure to fuel up early and frequently, aiming to maintain at least half a tank of gas for safety. Additionally, it is crucial not to carry extra gasoline in your vehicle due to its high combustibility. Plan ahead and stay prepared for a safe and enjoyable experience during this extraordinary event.

Have an Emergency Kit

Creating an emergency kit for your eclipse road trip is vital for your safety. Include essentials like a first-aid kit, basic tools, a flashlight with spare batteries, and emergency flares or reflectors in case of a breakdown. These items will ensure you can handle minor accidents or vehicle issues on the road effectively, while also making you visible to other drivers during emergencies. Being prepared with an emergency kit will give you peace of mind and ensure a safe and successful eclipse road trip experience.

Have Cash

Having physical cash on hand is a wise precaution when traveling, especially during events like the solar eclipse where unexpected situations can arise. While credit cards are convenient, there may be instances where they are not accepted or where electronic payment systems fail. Being prepared with cash ensures that you can fuel up or purchase supplies in any situation, providing a safety net for your travel plans. Remember to bring a sufficient amount of cash with you to cover any unforeseen expenses and enjoy a smoother journey.

Check Your Vehicle

Prior to starting your road trip for the eclipse, ensure your vehicle is in top condition for a smooth journey. Have a professional inspect all components under the hood and replenish any essential fluids to guarantee your car's safety and performance. Additionally, remember to pack essentials like jumper cables and a spare tire to handle any unexpected roadside situations. Taking these precautions will give you peace of mind and allow you to fully enjoy your eclipse adventure.

Mobile and Car Charger

Maintaining communication and access to GPS navigation during your eclipse road trip is crucial, especially considering potential issues with spotty cell coverage. To avoid draining your phone's battery, make sure to bring a charger with you at all times. Additionally, having a portable battery pack as a backup ensures that you can stay fully charged and connected throughout your journey, providing added peace of mind in case of emergency or unforeseen situations.


  • The last total solar eclipse in the United States was on August 21, 2017. It was visible from Oregon to South Carolina. Outside of the USA, the last total solar eclipse was on December 14, 2020. It was visible in parts of South America and the South Pacific Ocean.

  • Total solar eclipses are a rare phenomenon, occurring on average once every 18 months. The last total solar eclipse visible in the United States was in 2017 and the next one will be in 2024. After that, it won't be until 2044 that another total solar eclipse will be visible from north America!

  • April 8, 2024 -- mark your calendars now.  We will be experiencing total darkness beginning at 3:04pm lasting roughly 3 minutes 55 seconds

  • Partial solar eclipse will last from 1:48pm-4:22pm

  • Lodging is fill up quickly.  Make your plans now
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Patoka Lake Solar Eclipse Boat Ride

Patoka Lake is hosting a Solar Eclipse Boat Tour on April 8, 2024 for viewing of the Total Solar Eclipse! We are in the path of totality, so booking a seat on the Patoka Pride will give you the best view of this once in a lifetime event!! Seats are available now!! For more information please call (812) 685-2203 EXT. 1011
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Paoli Chamber of Commerce & Paoli Peaks

The Paoli Chamber of Commerce & Paoli Peaks will host a two-day event at Paoli Peaks. Featuring Live Music, DJ, Food Trucks, Beer Garden, and more. 
- Sunday, April 7th from 11am-11pm. Ticketed event; Sunday Adult $20, 10 & under $10 
- Monday, April 8th - Adult $25, 10 & under $15. Pre-sale is live now.
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French Lick Resort

Book your stay at French Lick Resorts and enjoy the Eclipse in luxury surrounded by the one-of-a-kind historic hotels. From themed dinners, private viewing area, memorabilia and souvenirs, and more. Book your stay now, as rooms are quickly filling up.
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French Lick Chamber of Commerce

The French Lick Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the downtown merchants will host a viewing party during the eclipse. You can expect live music, Friday - Sunday! Entertainment with Jeff & Dale, Saturday 5 - 9 pm. and Juice Box Heroes on Sunday! Food trucks and local vendors available.

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Eclipse Over Orleans

Buzy B's Kettle Corn and Boom Burgers, and Hometown Scoops food trucks will be here to provide you with a hot lunch, some refreshing lemon Shake-Ups, Eclipse themed ice cream treats and some other tasty snacks. Food trucks will be open around 11am. A number of hometown eateries will also be open for lunch that day. Claire Roub from Sound Sational DJ Services will be playing some of your favorite tunes in the park starting at 11:30 am. Then the Joel Gragg Duo will play some lively Jazz and classics for us beginning at 2pm, and the popular band, Flatline finishes off a fun filled day for us that evening complete with a Beer Garden hosted by SpeakEasy.
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Legendz Party

Get ready to dance the evening and night away at Legendz in French Lick! 

- Friday 4/5/24 -- Live Music from 7pm -11pm outside on the Patio. Dance Party & Eclipse Club Scene from 10pm-3am with Karaoke beginning at 10pm. Late night pizza until 3am. 

- Saturday 4/6/24 -- Live Music from 7pm-11pm outside on the Patio. Dance Party & Eclipse Club Scene from 10pm-3am. Late night pizza until 3am. 

- Sunday 4/7/24 -- Live Music from 7pm-10pm outside on the Patio. Open daily for food, drinks and one heck of a good time!
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Lost River Market & Deli

Enjoy a picnic box from Lost River Market & Deli for $10 during the eclipse. Customize your experience by securing a limited edition picnic box, choosing from a selection of meats, cheese, sides, and cookies.

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Visitor Center

Stop by and see us at our Visitor Center. Located at 8102 W State Road 56, West Baden, IN 47469. We will be giving our our FREE Eclipse viewing glasses and bottled water. We have clean restrooms, visitor experience information, exclusive Eclipse logo items and more.
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Visit Indiana

Visit Indiana provides a comprehensive listing of all things Eclipse in the state. Click to their site now for additional information.
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Eclipse at Orleans Library

Saturday, April 6th from 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Curious minds of all ages who would like to learn more about the upcoming solar eclipse are invited for an hour of modeling, crafting, stories, and conversation all about eclipses!

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Bledsoe Farms

Come out and set with us during the eclipse. Parking available for all vehicles $20 a vehicle. Bring your own solar glasses to view eclipse properly | 6965 IN 145 S. French Lick IN, 47432
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Patoka Lake Winery

$40 Cash Only - $200 for vehicles with trailers | 8am - 8pm | No RVs or Campers | No Overnight Parking | 2900 N. Dillard Rd., Birdseye, Indiana 47513


8102 West State Road 56
West Baden, Indiana 47469

Tel. 812-936-3418

Email. [email protected]